About us

Mission and vision


We, as an innovative nature organisation, we would like to show how societal changes invariably lead to new chances for nature and the landscape. We encourage people to seize these opportunities in the conviction that more room for nature in our thoughts and actions will improve the quality of life, for men and for nature.


Robust, spontaneous nature is essential for plants and animals, but also for the economy and all people's well-being: green, resources and happiness!

Spontaneous nature

Vast robust and dynamic nature areas where natural processes can go their own sweet way: this is what we of ARK stand for. It results in an unprecedented richness in landscapes and the accompanying flora and fauna. If interconnected, the new nature areas will create the necessary network for plants and animals to move on.

Green gold

It is essential that nature is socially and economically embedded. Large nature areas can generate billions in income and offer prospects for spatial development. Projects such as mineral extraction, water management, urban development and health care will be better off with nature development.
Recreation, tourism and a favourable climate for establishing businesses and institutions will bring strong local economies.

Pleasure and health

Authentic nature is exciting. It offers plenty of prospects for enjoyable activities and contributes to good health. Millions of people live and work or recreate in and around nature areas and are aware of the economic and societal value of nature. The development of spontaneous, accessible nature will enhance the quality of life for many of us, especially close by urban areas.

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