From vision to practice

Our innovative approach covers the whole field, from vision to practice. The reliability of our story is largely determined by the fact that we know how to flesh out our ideals down to the minutest detail. Strong interaction will put our visionary ideas and practical reality on a higher level.


ARK tries to play a mainly initiating and catalysing role at the risky early stages of many a project. Its independent position makes that ARK can fulfil this role better than many other organisations, authorities or companies. If possible at all, the pilot projects are transferred once the hard work is done.

Spontaneous nature

As to nature itself, we'd rather not focus on one or another specified aim, but aim at development itself. We create conditions for spontaneous, natural processes that are typical of this area, and await the surprise.

No ownership

ARK does not aspire to become an owner; it is important that, starting from their own specific interest, the present landowners take the responsibility for nature and landscape.

Resources for foreign countries

We also dash to the help of supervisors of nature areas without resources, often abroad, by offering them tools (such as a herd of cattle from our Herd Fund), with which they can develop their own nature area ('we offer them a fishing rod, not fish').

Borrowed plumage

Internalising ARK's aims in economic and societal partners are of vital importance to ARK's work. A project is successful only when others shine in borrowed plumage.

Nature close to your heart

People must keep nature near to their hearts. Departing from this conviction, ARK involves the public and especially children very intensively in its activities. Wilderness cafes, an extensive website, a newsletter and free access to the nature areas, even beyond the trodden paths, fit in with this philosophy. Clearing away barbed wire in the new nature areas (de-fencing) can therefore be seen as a psychological activity.

Small and flexible

It requires a versatile, flexible and small organisation to make the most of the dynamics of nature and society. That is why ARK does not have a conventional office but is organised in small working units to operate quickly and project-based. Working at ARK is a challenge, as is ARK's works. Self-supporting units are made organisationally independent, if at all possible, after which the cooperation is continued in web-like structures.

Funds for ARK

ARK works without structural public funds. Income is generated from the various projects, including the sales of wilderness meat and profits from Wilderness Cafes. If necessary, new, innovative pilot projects are financed from resources from funds and the National Postcode Lottery.

New problem, new opportunities

In all this we apply a problem-solving approach instead of a problem-oriented attitude; opportunities instead of bottlenecks. ARK seizes the opportunities, together with a whole range of partners.

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