Come and see

Discover the (dutch) wilderness

Leave the trodden paths to discover the Wilderness!

Visit the ARK areas, and find out yourself what can be achieved with our method of working. You may endlessly ramble the rough in search of wild horses and cattle, gnaw-marks from beavers and bark stripping by roe deer, or 'just' enjoy the flowery fields with wild plants.

House rules

Ramble our area freely - we feel very strongly about this principle. But not without our visitors observing some rules, which are always given at the entrance gates to our areas. Please read them before entering. One of the rules is to keep sufficient distance from the grazers, and another one is not to stroke or feed them. The message also indicates if dogs are allowed. Riding is not allowed on terrains where Koniks graze. For more information, please read the text about how to handle large grazers.

Grazing in other countries

ARK collaborates with partners across the border. Not only for exchanging present knowledge of natural grazing, but also to learn about (im)possibilities of grazing and grazers in other circumstances. These experiences can be used again in our other territories in Holland and abroad. The most intensive contacts we have are in the Rhodopes (Bulgaria), Latvia and Rumania.

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