Along the Meuse

The Islet in the Meuse

In the south of the Netherlands, on the Islet in the Meuse, lies one of the major classical gravel works, the Stevol Project. This project is being carried out by the Panheel Group with the intention to carry out deep mining in such a way that a beautiful, freely accessible, nature area is formed. No steep banks, but a natural shore and room for processes such as seepage and natural grazing in and around the lake. After completing the Stevol Project, the gravel extractors will start working along the Grensmaas waterway to combine shallow gravel extraction with nature development and river safety; a way of working that links up perfectly with ARK's philosophy. Information at Hompesche Molen tells us more about this innovative way of working: gravel mining that offers opportunities for a new landscape with plenty of room for nature, visitors and inhabitants.

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