Bovines Kopacki rit

Slavonian grey bovines arrived

On 5 October 2009 the first Slavonian Grey cattle (Podolic bovines) arrived in Kopacki Rit, Croatia. The transport of the animals went very well thanks to a well prepared team. The start on app. 30 hectares with 6 bovines (2 adult cows, 3 heifers and a calve) is on a small scale but with thousands of hectares in view.
After a short exploration of the area, the animals already started with eating branches of willow trees. The first step to natural grazing next to the Danube has been set. For pictures of the arrival of the animals see here.
After the disappearing of herding and pasturing livestock since decades ago, it is the first time in Croatia that bovines have been brought into a nature area which is partly consisting out of forest. 

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