Nature development

Nature development according to ARK

Natural processes

ARK gives full play to the creative forces of wind, water and natural grazing. These processes propel and steer the evolution of plants and animals. The original biodiversity in our country was moulded this way. By allowing these natural processes full play, rich and resilient nature returns.

Economic Engines

ARK links nature to economic motors. This strategy creates unprecedented and adventurous opportunities. Nature development turns out to go along very well with extracting clay, sand and gravel, recreation and house construction. A firm economic foundation is a guarantee for sustainable nature.

Local commitment

ARK wants to give a warm welcome to visitors of its nature reserves. Even off track or at unreasonable hours. To have them enjoy a returning wilderness at deep draughts. To be surprised by our territories and become enthusiastic about our approach. It’s only their interest and involvement that guarantees a worthy future for nature! 

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